Bees, Fleas & Trees

A Connecticut Christmas Tree Farm

2016 Newsletter

Open Saturday, Nov 26 thru Sunday Dec 18, 2016
HOURS:   Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun 9 AM to 4:30 PM
Sorry we can’t accept credit cards
John’s cell 610-780-5847 Carole’s cell 610-698-5058

Please note change in operating days – after 19 years, we will not be open Mon/Tues/Wed.  Carole and I need a quieter, gentler schedule, and truth be told, we do not have as many trees as in the past.  Taking some time off the schedule seems to be in order. 

          The big issue this year seems to be the drought – we are maybe a foot and half below normal?  I think we are OK.  I am hearing a lot of complaints from other growers that their new plantings are dying off.  That is always a problem planting out “bare root” seedlings in the spring.  I put my seedlings into 6” pots – they are very visible up against the road on the south side of our property.  Over there, I can and have watered them regularly – like voting in Chicago, early and often, and this year I have been particularly diligent.  Again, the pots are soaked in water before going out on the hill at replanting time.  So our losses have been minimal – less than normal.  Some of the midsized trees on the hill are showing signs of stress – whether from drought or all the other bad guys out there, hard to tell.  I think we are OK.  But it would be prudent to get your fresh cut tree into water as soon as possible – water “early and often”. 

          We took our annual inventory – trees 8’ and taller.  The totals are consistent with the last three years but the makeup is different.  The Fraser/Concolor Fir are a little down while Spruce (mostly Meyer) is up – lots!  The big change is White Pine.  We don’t have much in the larger sizes but help is on the way!  You will see a huge number of 4/5 ft trees coming along.  In a very short time (they do grow fast), famine will turn to feast, and we will have an oversupply.  We do well with White Pine – all our stock comes from digging up wildings on the edge of the property – they like it here.

          We have three prices.  Regular trees will be $49; there will be an assortment of trees marked down to $29 – trees that we want out for a variety of reasons.  As usual, starting in December there will be a selection of precut trees for $19 – mostly overgrown trees that have been cut down to a “more attractive” size and staked out in the yard. Family is good – Grandson Nick is spending December in New Zealand touring “utilities” (lucky him) while Mimi is college hunting.  The farmhouse with the front 2 acres is for sale.  I would like to hold onto the back 3 acres of Christmas trees and keep the farm going.  “May you live in interesting times.”    We are looking forward to Bees Fleas & Trees Holiday Season #41. 

Our very best for a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2017.