Bees, Fleas & Trees

2021 Newsletter

A Connecticut Christmas Tree Farm

Opening Saturday November 27th - NOTE         Closing Friday Dec 24th
Sat/Sun 9 AM to 4:30 PM        Thurs/Fri 1 PM to 4:30 PM
Cash and checks      no credit cards

       We are rolling the clock back - operating in 2021 as if it were 2016. Our starting date will be Saturday, November 27. We will open the garage, have the wood stove fired up, letters to Santa materials available and complimentary hot cocoa. Our staff is all vaccinated, and we will respect all COVID state regulations.
      Last year we reported that we were loaded with trees. This year only more so. Our inventory of Concolor/Fraser Fir, Spruce and White Pine is “more and better”. Color is excellent (rain???). Plus we have more 7-8 foot trees than we have had in the past. It has been a long time since we have had 8 foot White Pine. There is a limited selection of 9-10 foot trees -
mostly Spruce with some Concolor Fir. Prices are unchanged at $49 with precut (available starting Dec. 9) at $19.
       Bees? last year each hive swarmed (half the bees left the hive with the old queen) and I captured neither - bummer! This year one hive barely survived the winter but then recovered and did fine. Before the other hive could swarm, I split it myself and both did well. Got only a half a bucket of honey but we have three hives where last year we had two. I will take it.
Family is doing fine. Carole’s sister Luana, now living in Norfolk, has signed on to feed the crew. Long time helper Justin will be with us, now newly married. Not sure we will see the rest of the family at the tree sale. But we will host everyone here for Christmas.
      We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Bees, Fleas and Trees Season # 47. We will be here on the 24th for the last minute tree shoppers.

Our best for a Merry Christmas and a happy, COVID-free 2022.


John and Carole Gilbert