2022 Newsletter

Bees, Fleas & Trees

A Connecticut Christmas Tree Farm

Opening Saturday November 26th - NOTE         Closing Friday Dec 23th
Sat/Sun 9 AM to 4:30 PM        Thurs/Fri 1 PM to 4:30 PM
Cash and checks      no credit cards

       It looks like a good year at BFT. Without taking an inventory,  we  have a better selection of 6 to 7 feet trees than last year. Definitely more and larger White Pine - pushing up to 8 ft, Concolor and Fraser Fir, Spruce a good selection.  The one change is the 8 to 10 ft stock - Spruce with a few Concolor, and fewer than what you have seen in the past.  There are reports of a drought.  I don’t see it here.  We don’t plant bare root stock plus we have gotten at least “some” rain every week.  And some seems to be enough for the trees.  We are charging $59 for choose and cut - $19 for the precuts available Thursday Dec 8th.  

One change you might see is that we have gone all in on our “wildflower meadow”.  The tree and lawn acreage is decreasing and the difference is going to the wildflowers.  Our idea of a wildflower area is land mowed just once a year - late summer or fall.  On our web site there is a picture of the “south 40” - before mowing in mid-August. This fall I carefully collected milkweed seeds (from 3 pods -  all we had here) and spread them around.  Be interesting to see what comes up next season.  Hopefully the bees and butterflies will thrive.  

Bees doing well - had a good year for honey.  The last 9 years, I have been down to one hive and up to five (if I get to zero, it’s all over).  This year we started with 3, made one split, lost one swarm (half the hive left), and so ended up with 4.  The first batch of honey was the lightest color I have ever seen.  Could it be our wildflowers?  It is possible and satisfying.  Gotta take care of our pollinators. 

The garage/shop will be open - complimentary cocoa and woodstove fired up as usual.  More honey this year.  Carole volunteers at the Congregational Church Book Store (in the basement - a must see!).  She has been collecting childrens’ Christmas books all year - children please take one.  We look forward to seeing everyone at Bees Fleas & Trees Season #48.  Our very best for Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  

Our very best for Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

John and Carole Gilbert