2020 Newsletter

A Connecticut Christmas Tree Farm

Bees, Fleas & Trees

Opening Thursday December 3rd - NOTE         Closing Sunday Dec 20
Sat/Sun 9 AM to 4:30 PM        Thurs/Fri 1 PM to 4:30 PM
Cash and checks      no credit cards

First the COVID changes.  We want to make 2020 a totally outside experience.  Our research shows the primary spread of the virus is due to too many people in too small an interior space.  We will stay outside. We will not be opening our Christmas shop, serving hot cocoa or writing Santa letters.

There will be a portapotty on site.  We will have masks available and ask that you observe social distancing.  There are 5 acres (and wonderfully accommodating neighbors) – please take advantage of it all.      

Trees are in excellent shape.  Could have had more rain but it seems the rain we did get has been adequate. The inventory of the larger trees (8-9-10 ft) is consistent with the past - not much for the White Pine/Fraser, a better selection for the Concolor Fir, and mostly Spruce.  We don’t inventory the 6-7 ft and smaller trees but we don’t need a number to know we are loaded – across the board – Pine, Fir, Spruce.  We haven’t had a selection like this in years.  When you walk through, I think you will agree. Prices are unchanged.  The trees on the hill are all $49 while the precut trees (available starting Dec 10) and any live standing trees in front (quantity/quality limited) are $19.

Bees? They got away from me.  Both hives came through the winter – good news there.  Then this June both hives swarmed – half of each hive left with the old queen.  (The east hive went west while the west hive went east – seems like there could have been some coordination?). I watched each of them go “over the hill”.  My bad – I should have physically split them earlier – have done it in the past.  Anyhow with losing the swarms and the dry weather, it was a poor honey year.  Yet we harvested 5 gallons and have plenty for sale.

Family is doing fine.  Both grands are in NYC – one working and one at NYU.  We trust they can navigate the virus.  Carole’s Minnesota sister Luann did complete her relocation – now settled in Norfolk.  So nice to have her near.        

                We are looking forward to seeing everyone at our Bees Fleas & Trees Holiday Season #46.  Our very best for a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a prosperous, COVID free 2021.


John and Carole Gilbert